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Frequently Asked Questions about Mats, Clear Bags, Frames, Shipping and Handling

Q: Is it possible for a small extra charge to divide the 50 minimum order into 4 color choices instead of half (25 per color)?
A: If you order 25 pieces per size or color, there will be no extra charge.

Q: I need the windows cut to specific dimensions which are different than those stated is this possible? An example would be for an 11" x 14" mat; a window of 5 1/8" x 8 1/8", is it possible to order the windows special cut and if so is there an additional charge?
A: No problem. We can change your window opening sizes for a low custom cut fee of only $0.02

Q: Is the minimum order quantity 100 for clear bags only?
A: Yes, because they are in a pre-made package.

Q: Do you make custom outside dimensions?
A: Yes, we can make any dimensions you like up to 30" x 40".

Q: Are the double mats glued together, or could I switch them around with other colors or use one (underneath one) alone?
A: Yes, we usually glue both layers together by default. However, if you do not want a pre-glued arrangement, upon your request when you order, we can keep them separate so that they stay as single cut mats. As you are ordering, you may experiment with the color choices anyway you want. Please notify us if you do not want to the double layers to be glued.

Q: What is your regular turn-around time for Mats?
A: The standard procedure is that we need two or three days to cut and prepare the order. So if you order on Monday, we will ship the order on Wednesday or Thursday.

Q: Where do you ship from? If I ordered today from MN, approximately when would I receive my order with standard shipping rates?
A: We are based in Long Island City, New York City. If you order clear bags only, we will ship them out on the same day with UPS Ground. It may take 3 business days to Minnesota by UPS ground. The same service will take 2-3 business days to Florida, 3 business days to Tennessee, 5 business days to Arizona, and 5-7 business days to California. For more info on shipping, please see our Shipping & Return Policy.

Q: As for confirming my order, I can't seem to open the attachment you sent me. Please let me know what program is it in? it will help me in opening it.
A: We use Microsoft Excel as well as the PDF file for our production worksheet and e-Invoice If you use a Mac, we can fax the worksheet and invoice to you if you have trouble opening these files.

Q: Your site lists the standard dimensions (clear bags) of 5x7, 8x10, 11"x14" etc. but can I assume they're slightly larger than that in order to hold the mats. The art pieces which I want bags for are about 1/4 inch thick when I measure the matte (sometimes double matte) and the foam core (I use a thicker core).
A: Yes, our clear bags will have no difficulty comfortably holding ¼” thick mats.

Q: Is there any 'cloudiness' to the bag or is it in fact crystal clear to highlight photography?
A: They are crystal clear, and self-sealing.

Q: Do the plastic frames snap the clear part in from the front?
A: Yes, they should.


Customers' comments about our productions and service

Hello all, I just wanted to thank each and every one of you that was involved in the different aspects of my recent order. I received my custom cut mat board on Monday and was blown away by the quality and very quick turnaround! These mat boards are going to work wonderfully for my upcoming art show and it didn’t break the bank. Thanks again for being able to deliver such an amazing product at an amazing price! Keep up the fantastic work. I will definitely be ordering more materials from y’all in the very near future. Michael C. - Texas

Good Afternoon. I received both orders yesterday and absolutely love the products. Thank you for your service. I will most definitely order from your company again. Once again, thank you. Gena W. - Alabama

I wanted to contact you to say thank you and to tell you that I am very happy with your product. I was also pleasantly surprised by how fast it was finished and arrived considering the fact that it was a custom size and, on top of that at an amazing price. Doing business sight unseen over the Internet with a company that you find from a search engine result, can sometimes be an unnerving decision. Thanks for making it a great one. I will be returning to ezmats in the future and will tell others about your site. Scott H. - New Jersey

hank you very much for your good service once again!!!! > Lisa P. - New York

Thank you Gan. I love the way you keep me posting on progress....A very nice service! Aloha and Suzy T. - Florida

Just a note to let you know that my order arrived safely and I can not believe the fine quality product you produce . I must say it has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will be sure to reccomend your studio to all those I know in the art world .I thank you again until next time. ..... Best regards, Thomas S. - New Jersey

Well the last shipment came in today and everything looks great. The three opening mats are supper cool! Just what I wanted. So from now on when I place an order this is just the way I would like them cut. Thanks so much for making this possible. I hope they sell good and I can make another order very soon. Best Regards, Toney B. - California

Thanks for a great job, excellent quality, speedily done and at a great price. Don D. - Massachusetts

NICE, VERY NICE! The square cut looks great! Doing a series of photos with verses underneath. These mats came out wonderful. Thanks, Dennis S. - Pennsylvania

Thank you for your prompt service, easy to order website and competitive prices! I will be ordering from you again very soon! You guys are great! sincerely, Alixandra M. - California

I would like to thank you for handling my recent orders so well. This is the first time I have ordered from your company, and it will definitely NOT be my last order. I was very pleased with every aspect of the process, and will send you a new order as soon as I need more supplies! Thank you! Shelley H. - Michigan

I want you to know that I think your products, and service are superb - and your prices are fantastic! I wish all suppliers were as good! Thanks again, Brett D. - New Jersey

Everything came in fine. And thank you for your very careful packing. Russ M. - New York City

Thank you for your prompt response to my inquiry, and for your prompt service on my order. I am very impressed!! I'm doing two craft shows in Florida in February, and I'm hoping that my pet portrait drawings will be enormously successful and that I will be ordering many more mats from you. Thanks again, Susan M. - North Carolina

Thanks. You have a good product and I like how quickly I receive it after I order. Keep up the good work! And I want to use your printing services, too. Teresa C. - New Jersey

Thanks ever so much - your assistance is greatly appreciated your kindness in taken care of my order will not be forgotten - you have a customer for life - thanks again.
Joanne E. - Wisconsin

THANK YOU! The order just came in - the mats look great! Thank you for packaging well. One box was bashed and the other one was dropped by the UPS guy right in front of us, but the mats inside were fine. Thanks again, it is a pleasure to work with you. Alex L. - California

Thank you for the accurate & speedy service. The mats arrived Fri afternoon. Will recommend you to others. Lee S. - Michigan

Thank you for your quick response. I have ordered from you in the past and would recommend you to others. Kathy F. - Montana

Got the mats today. They look great & your service is the best! Thanks, Sandy S. - New Jersey

Wonderful!, thanks for your great customer service. In the future, I'd like to order some mattes and other products from you as well. Bless your business, Kris N. - Minnesota

My order arrived yesterday. I didn't open it until a few minutes ago. Your company did a wonderful job. I am so happy with it. Thank you, Janice S. - California

The mats just arrived and you did a nice job. I will be ordering again from you. I do festivals and art shows. Thank you again. Marian N. - Texas

Just wanted you to know that you did a perfect job on the mats. I know that this took a lot of time and effort to do. I greatly appreciate it. Dot Z. - New York

We wanted to thank you, not only for the incredibly quick service, but for the quality of your product. It was exactly what we were looking for. You can be sure we will be repeat customers. John and Sharon H. - Vairginia

Just got your order and I wanted to let you know the tolerances were great. Perfect job! Thanks again. Robert B. - Illinois

Thanks for your wonderfully fast service and quality products! Cynthia S. - New York

I received the mats last week and EVERYTHING was PERFECT! Thank you so much for your prompt service. I will most definitely be purchasing from your company again. MaryBeth R. - Massachusetts

I just received an order of mats, I'm very pleased. The quality is excellent. I will be placing an order for the balance of what I need soon. Bill B. - New York

Thank you so much for letting me know. I very much appreciate your consistent and prompt communication. It is rare to find a vendor who provides the high level of service you provide. Matt L. - Tennessee

I received the mats yesterday, as promised. They are beautiful! Many thanks, Judith K. - New York

We recently ordered some mats from you and are very pleased with the shipment. Angela S. - Virginia

Order received- very pleased. Thank you. William R. - Georgia

You guys are great! Thanks a lot, you saved the day. William U. - Florida

Thanks a lot David and Gan – great service as always! Philip P. - Dublin, Ireland

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